I'm in love with a boy far out of my reach (that took some effort to confess). It's like Rae feels about Finn in the beginning. I don't feel like I deserve him, I feel like he can do better -- I know he has feelings for me too. When he tries to make a move, I feel like it isn't right. He wants to hold me, but I'm afraid that he would hate wath he feels in his hands. MMFD hits so close to home, it hurts. And I'm afraid to never be able to let someone in, that I'm not made to be in a relationship.

Why aren’t you good enough? If he’s interested in you, then what’s wrong with that? You need to learn to accept that you’re beautiful, and he clearly likes you. Stop putting yourself down and feeling unworthy. He likes you. Accept it, hon. This could be good for you. Xo

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He looks bloody gorgeous. 😍


He looks bloody gorgeous. 😍

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I never used to be like this.

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MMFD: Rae + Linda (Relationships)
Heartbreak… Love
Rae, you ARE this family

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get to know me meme  [3/5] favorite female characters → rae earl

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Then no, Rae, you can’t just come around whenever you want. I’m sorry, it’s just not appropriate.

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